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For information on how to have DeathCom Multimedia at your convention : Email

For general questions: Email

To schedule a photoshoot:

  • After we formally announce a convention we are going to on facebook or here, you may request a photoshoot.
  • Expect at about10 photos to be added here on dcmcosplay.com of your photoshoot.
  • You may freely distribute up to 60% of the photos in your shoot on your own site / facebook / Deviant Art page so long as there is a link back to your photos here (or dcmcosplay.com in general). If you would like to sell prints of your photoshoot, there is a fee for this privilege and that fee is negotiated for each photo or set individually. Note: you may only use up to 15% (round up) of your photos for any cosplay-media site and you MUST have a hot link back to dcmcosplay.com. If the site does not allow for this, then we do not approve distribution of our work there.
  • To apply, send us an email with the names of everyone in the shoot, character information (photos) and any progress photos of your costumes.
  • DeathCom Multimedia reserves the right to refuse any photoshoot for any reason.
To inquire about obtaining resale rights to a photo we have taken of you at a past convention: Email



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